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I would like to have a copy of my car key made, how do I know if the key contains a chip?Locksmith FAQs


There is no definite way to answer that question as there are about as many variables to this rule as there are car manufacturers themselves. The easiest way to find out is to simply give us a call. We would be happy to look up your specific make and model for you. One of our locksmiths can be reached directly at 845-721-6210.


I would like to have another copy of my car key made but I was under the impression that transponder keys are expensive and don't know if I want to spend the money to have another spare made. Is there a more cost effective option available so that if I lock my keys in the car I can still get in?


Yes. First, transponder keys made by an auto locksmith are usually less expensive then going to the dealer to have a key made. Pricing is available upon request. However, one of the least expensive options available is to have spare key cut that will just give you access into the car, but will not start the engine, a "Service Key." Many of our customers keep a spare in their desk or wallet just for these types of mishaps and for a few dollars the investment is well worth it.


I have lost the only original key to my car, can a locksmith make another one or do I have to order one from the dealer?Locksmith FAQs


In most cases the locksmith can make the customer a new original key. In older cars where there is no chip, the locksmith may need to read the wafers in the ignition to get the proper key cuts required to create a new key. If the key has a chip in it he may also need to plug a specialized computer in to the car to obtain the programming information. Sometimes special codes are required in order to make the key. In that case the Auto Locksmith has specialized software or may need to call in to a special data base that supplies lock codes. This information is never available to the general public and you must have the proper security credentials to access any of this specialized information.

Please call us with any questions you may have. You will always be talking to a professional locksmith who is happy to help!  845-721-6210.

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